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Dr. Adarsh Jha is an esteemed endocrinologist with more than two decades of experience in his field. Based in East Hartford, Connecticut, he has used his expertise to assist and serve the greater Hartford area with compassion and expertise. After earning his medical degree from Darbhanga Medical College, Dr. Jha devoted himself to aiding patients suffering from endocrine disorders. He is well-known for his charitable contributions and enthusiasm for non-profit organizations, such as the Indian Red Cross Society and Hostelling International, aimed at helping those in need. At Shafa Medical Center, where he practices, Dr. Jha specializes in adult primary care, internal medicine, and pulmonary medicine - all designed to provide optimal healthcare services to patients within the vicinity of East Hartford and its second office, downtown Hartford. As an endocrinologist, he helps those suffering from conditions related to hormones regulated by different glands throughout the body, including diabetes type 1 & 2, metabolic diseases, nutritional issues, pituitary issues, and thyroid problems. His patient-focused approach allows him to efficiently diagnose each individual's case correctly to manage their condition(s) better. Dr. Jha experienced dedication to providing quality care extends beyond his clinical practice at Shafa Medical Center; he continues supporting numerous charitable causes that align with his mission of assisting needy patients across Hartford County and elsewhere. His insight into the medical community makes him a valuable asset who can provide excellent treatment options for sufferers of endocrine conditions at both local and global levels while never losing sight of humankind's need for access to essential health services regardless of financial means or location.

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March 22, 2023

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